Mr. Teddy Bear Cake

Yogi_Bear_Yogi_BearEva – Hi Val! Welcome to the magic world of the “Let’s Bake Their Ass” section. Ladies come here to cake their ex-lovers and then they feel relieved and happy again. Don’t you feel a bit happier already?

Val – Hi Eva and hi dear Homme Sweeet Homme readers! I’m ready for this magic experience and indeed I feel already a bit happier than before ah ah ah

Eva – Let’s get started then. I know you are going to take your revenge on Mr Teddy Bear today. Why this nickname?

Val – Oh well, Mr Teddy Bear looks like a bear: tall, brown, even a bit hulking. But he is also caring and soooo sweet like a real teddy bear… I mean the toy teddy bear. Talking about toys…

Eva – Val, please hooooooooold on. Kids might be reading this blog, we don’t want to shock them, right? ( – ;

Val – Ah, ok. I just wanted to mention his generous toy and the playful way he uses it ( – :

Eva – Yep, indeed…

Val – C’mon, Eva, he is a Gemini, he likes to play and to please, mmmh

Eva – So why do you want to cake him?

Val – Sad, so saaaaaaad… It’s a sad sad situation…

Eva – Val, I know you like Elton John, but can we focus on your Teddy Bear?

Val – Oooops… So, I would like to cake him because his favourite game is hide-and-seek (or maybe hide-and-sick because of his repeated health issues…) !

Eva – Poor Val. Do you like this cake for him?

Orsacchiotto / Teddy Bear


Val – Ouiiiii, it is perfect! And BTW, we need to say that we decorated the cake with Band-Aids: one for every time he asked me to live together and then disappeared ) – ; I have a private message for Mr Teddy Bear:


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