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pie in the faceWe continue the Let’s Cake Their Ass series with a story written and played by our lucky friend Renata!

At least once in our life we have all dreamt in front of a cheesy movie where a lady meets the perfect man, they make eye-contact, they go straight to bed, they fall in love, they decide to live happily together in a huge house where they will raise their lovely kids. Of course he is rich, good looking, and famous. Of course she is tall, blonde, big boobs, super shaved legs, wearing a sexy baby-doll under her expensive red dress.   

We all know that dreams never come true. But, dear readers, I am the living proof that sometimes they can partially come true, check this out:


A French hotel lobby.

He is a soccer World Champion 2006.

She is a normal woman, not too shapely, not suntanned, and not ready for such a date…

She is definitely not ready (ladies, you can only imagine how much she is not ready! Think about the worst… Yes, now you know!).

They meet, they talk, and they meet again in room number 211.

Ooooh, they meet!

It’s late, he has to go, but before leaving he asks her phone number.

She knows he will never call her, but she hopes…

I’ll cake your ass, dear Mr. World Champion! You never called me back but it’s ok, I will have a nice story to tell my grandchildren ( – :

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  1. Maribel May 29, 2013 at 3:17 pm Reply

    Non ci posso credere! Questa foto non l’avevo ancora vista! :-)

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