Spinning Top Cake

Ingredients: Picture 095

160 gr Flour

6 Eggs

2 tsp Baking powder

2 tbsp Cocoa powder

280 gr Icing sugar

200 gr Black chocolate

200 gr Nutella


Prepare the two doughs (one with cocoa powder and the other one without) separately. To prepare each dough beat 3 egg whites until stiff and put on the side. Then mix 3 egg yolks with 140 gr icing sugar and 2 tablespoons of water. Add 80 gr of flour, a teaspoon of baking powder and finally the egg whites. Bake 8 minute (180 degrees), then pour the second dough and keep on baking for 10-12 minutes. Let the “double-cake” cool down, then cover it with a sheet of baking paper and wrap it up. When the wrapped up cake is completely cold, unwrap it, spread it with Nutella and wrap it again in an aluminium foil. Put in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Before serving, cut the roll in 2-3 cm slices and put each slice in the melted chocolate.

Dedicated to: V, my little boyfriend from primary school. Noooooooo, don’t think I was a man-eater already when I was 8, I was just training (( – :

So let me tell you how all of this started: The other day I was looking for a springy recipe (OMG, spring has finally arrived in Brussels too!) and I found this recipe for the “girella” (spinning top in English) that was the classical snack cake I used to take to school when I was a kid. As soon as I read the word “girella”, V came to my mind! He was one of my classmates, really not cute, definitely overweight and with a Franciscan haircut. But I loooooved him! Maybe I looooved him because he would show me his love by stealing my snack cake at least once a week, who knows? What I know for sure is that, even thanks to my cakes, he kept his weight and he is now a round and clumsy man (- ;

I guess you are now wondering: “Poor kid, what has he done (a part from stealing cakes around) to deserve a “girella” in his face already when he was 8?”. Bare with me, I’m about to tell you: He tripped me during a party at school (and then I discovered that of course he was not trying to show me any love!!), I fell and as a result I got 5 stiches under my chin!

I would say he deserved one, and even two girellas in his face. Bitterness please go awaaaaaaaaay!

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