Fish Cake


And here I am with my friend Cindy who volunteered to be the first amazing guest of YOUR new page.

HSH: Hi Cind’! How’s life? Shall we start baking?

C: Oh yes, with pleasure!

HSH: What have you chosen to bake?

C: I would like to bake the fish cake

HSH: Interesting choice, who will be the target?

C: C’mon, HSH, my ex-boyfriend of course!

HSH: Blond, tall, smart, gorgeous! Am I right?

C: Indeed! But all this was just a façade, like this little nice and cute cake that can be tricky (BTW, I cannot bake, you need to teach me) and can hide a real shark inside!

HSH: Was your ex-boyfriend a real shark?

C: Oh oh, HSH, if he was a little cute fish I might have kept him! Let me give you some examples:

-          He wanted to meet and mingle with all my friends BUT I was inexistent for all his friends

-          He wanted to be mad and move in together BUT he would freak out only thinking about the word “commitment”

-          He used to say “You are my Mrs Perfect” BUT then he kept on complaining about my haircut

HSH: And this is why he deserved a cake in his face (( – :

C: Exactly!

A couple of hours later, this is the result:

photo (8)

HSH: So do you feel better now, Cind’?? 

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