Nutella and Mascarpone Cheesecake


250 ml Whipped cream

150 gr Mascarpone

125 gr Yogurt (hazelnut flavour if possible)

40 gr Icing sugar

50 gr Nutella + Nutella for the coating

Hazelnut crumbs

For the base: 200 gr Digestive cookies + 80 gr Hazelnuts + 120 gr Butter (melted)

Recipe: Prepare the base by crunching and mixing all the ingredients, tip the mix into a baking pan and press firmly down into the base to create an even layer. Chill in the fridge for 1 hour to set firmly. Now prepare the filling by adding to whipped cream the following ingredients: icing sugar, yogurt, and mascarpone. Continue beating until the mixture is completely combined, then add 40 gr of Nutella. Put the filling on the base and refrigerate. Before serving melt a generous amount of Nutella (double-boiler method) and spread it on the top of the cheesecake. Decorate with some hazelnut crumbs.

Dedicated to: Q, believe it or not Q was his real name! You have to know that on those old days it was trendy to be called only by the name initials. Most of my friends, for example, were known in town as JR, TJ, GI and co. I have always wondered what the full name of Q was though. Maybe Quentin, or Quinton, or Quency, or Quillan… Who knows!

I didn’t have time to ask him, we just briefly kissed after a night out. His kisses were creamy like mascarpone mixed with icing sugar and punchy like a spoon of Nutella in the middle of the night. But as my favourite writer, E.J. Dickey, says: “Everybody can kiss but not everybody understands the art of kissing”. And this cute Q guy was definately not an artist. Too impatient with his hands, he wanted to steal from the cookie jar too early, so I had to cut his hands and cut to the chase by abandoning him alone. Aaaaah, nostalgia please go awaaaaaaay


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