Mr Mont Blanc

montblancGuess who is the DECEMBER SPECIAL GUEST?

Yes, you can guess it, I’ll give you a hint: he is old.

I’ll give you a second hint: he is red dressed.

Yeeeees, it is SANTA!!

The inspiration arrived straight from Rome where one of my friends wrote:

The first men who disappoints you is Santa himself. He makes you believe that you just need to send him a letter and he will make all your wishes come true. Oh Oh Oh

Actually Ah Ah Ah, in reality he gives you some gifts to dupe you and then, tatata, he disappears and he leaves you there alone and disenchanted!

Dear Filo my friend, I agree with you! After my letter last year, Santa sent me a (perfect) man, then tatata both Santa and Mr Perfect disappeared. What the fffffffffffffffffffffff

Santa, please, take your gifts and your reindeers and go to… Mont Blanc (recipe here)!

Having said that, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our readers


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