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Origin: The croissant is a traditional French pastry, but there is also an Italian version – the cornetto . Cornetto is also the name of a very famous lucky charm used in Naples (see picture)



We thank Joyce Yvonna for this video

Dedicated to: Brunettini, I think I can say his name now, this story is about 25 year old. I was sooooo young, it was before Mr Tiny Cake, it was even before Mr Solero!

At that time my aunts, just a bit older than me, were falling in love every day with a different unreachable guy and I wanted to imitate them. So I “fell in love” with this cute guy litterally the twin of Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

Brunettini was one of the soldiers working at the beach club where I used to go, he was from near Naples, and he was the target of another girl. This girl was not so cute or particularly interesting, but she was an impressive rival because her dad was the main boss of Brunettini. Finally they dated and I was left in my corner crying alone for the whole summer. At the end of August though, I gathered all my energies, I went to see him and I declared my love. Then I gave him a “cornetto” lucky charm bought especially for him and I left. I didn’t even want a kiss or something else in return, I just wanted him to remember me looking at the cornetto one day. Useless to say that… I have never seen him again in my entire life, bitterness please go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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