bunet_3Origin: Bunet is a dessert famous in the North of Italy. It is a spoon dessert similar to crème caramel made with amaretti .


4 dl Milk

4 Eggs

8 Tablespoons sugar

2 Tablespoons cocoa powder

50 gr Amaretti

1 Shot rum

Recipe: Beat eggs in a bowl and add milk, four spoons of sugar, cocoa powder, rum and amaretti broken into crumbs. Mix with care. Put in a small pot the remaining four spoons of sugar and warm them up until they are brown. Add a small quantity of water and move the caramel in the pot until it becomes glassy: put it in a previously warmed up pudding mould and spread it on the bottom and the inside. Once the caramel is hardened, add the mixture of bunet and cook on double-boiler in the oven (180°C). Once ready, take the cake out of the oven and let it cool. Serve in slices. SOURCE: http://langhe.net/recipes/bonet-della-nonna/ 

Dedicated to: Lux, who set 3 records in my life:

1. He introduced me to the Northern cuisine with a bunet prepared by his adorable mom. It was my first bunet ever.

2. Lux was the first man in Brussels to court me, but of course one of my golden rules says that… I don’t accept to be chased, I want to be the hunter. So at the beginning I didn’t even look at him. Then he stopped calling me and he got all my attention! Finally we got together. He looked wild that night, his hands were rough like crumbs of amaretti… And I was generously twinkly and ready to eat this spoon dessert-man in the blink of an eye. Oh, dear readers, I confirm that Lux was definitely an unrestrained bunet and not a baking-pan-kind-of-guy ( -:

3. Talking about baking pans… Lux was the man who inspired my very first cake. I baked for him the sweetest of the sponge cakes, but after a slice of it Lux disappeared from my life holding my baking pan to ransom! But why?? Bitterness please go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


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