Tiramisu’ Light

Maybe you are too young to remember Mimi Ayuhara…

She was the main character of a 70s Japanese manga, Attack No. 1. Mimi, after a run-in with other students in her school, returns to play volleyball and quickly becomes the leader of the team. Her closest friend is Midori, together they win all sorts of championships included… maybe… the Olympics!

Mimi and Midori remind me of two very sportish young ladies that I adore and who accepted to be our SPECIAL GUESTS of September and October:



They like to stay in good shape, so today they give us their special recipe for happiness: the Tiramisu’ Light!



500 gr Mascarpone

5 Eggs

140 gr Sugar

1 Cup coffee

2 Boxes Oro Saiwa

Cocoa powder

Recipe: Divide yolks from egg whites. Beat egg whites until stiff then put them in the fridge. Meanwhile whip sugar with yolks, butter, and Mascarpone. Finally add the beaten egg whites to this cream. Prepare some Italian coffee, when it is ready put it in a bowl and add some water. In a baking pan make a first layer of cream, then a second layer with Oro Saiwa previously dipped in the coffee and continue until the pan is almost full. Make sure that the last layer is made of cream. Now you can decorate with some cocoa powder. Put in the fridge for some hours (better one whole night), serve cold.


Who said you cannot have the cake and eat too? ( – :

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