Origin: Created around the 16th century in the Northern Italian countryside, sbrisolona was a popular dessert among poor families. In order to save money, they would prepare the tart by mixing cornmeal, hazelnuts and lard, instead of butter. Although this sweet is made with inexpensive ingredients, sbrisolona was so loved by noble families too, they used to enrich the recipe with more expensive ingredients like sugar, spices and almonds, without moving too far away from the original characteristics of the dessert. According to tradition, this hard, yet crumbly dessert would be broken into pieces and eaten with one’s hands.


250 gr Flour

210 gr Butter

200 gr Sugar

2 Egg yolks

1 Lemon zest, grated

150 gr Almonds (peeled)

50 gr Almonds (not peeled)

150 gr Cornmeal

Recipe: Blend all the ingredients laying them out on the work-surface, mix them until you obtain a heterogeneous pastry dough. Put the dough into a baking mould, lay the unpeeled almonds on top of the crumbled mix and bake in a preheated oven at 360°F. Break with your hands and eat the crumbles.

Dedicated to: A., Mister Tiny Cute Cake who has already a post. He was so cute, so pure, so adorable when he was 16.

Twenty years later, unexpectedly, we met again! He had lost 10 kg and I had gained 10 kg since last time we met, but we started to talk and we agreed that in the end nothing had really changed. His pink Vespa, the scent of the camellias, his forehead covered by that cowlick… In a blink of an eye I found myself again in his kitchen staring at that weird Alessi orange juicer, feeling the hard beat of my heart under that horrible hoodie that I had bought only to please him, listening again to his theory of the « broken vase » and… After twenty years I finally understood it !

He was right, Mr Tiny Cute Cake, when a vase falls on the floor and breaks in small pieces like the sbrisolona and like our teenager love story, you can put the pieces toghter but you will not obtain the same vase anymore. No matter how expensive it was, no matter how precious the love story was, no matter how sweet the sbrisolona was.

But you know what ? Today I can say that we did the right thing chosing not to put the pieces together and I can say that my first love lesson was very useful. So A., I’ll see you in 20 years time for another lesson ! Tenderness please go awaaaaaaay

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