Beer Tiramisu’

birramisu 2

It was a muggy summer night in Sabaudia… Vale, our August Special Guest, was having a mug of Beer Tiramisu’ and I thought she would be the perfect Special Guest: sexy and so sweet.

But I didn’t know how describe her so we played a game: each of us wrote a part of a story regarding Vale, then we covered our part and we passed the piece of paper to the person next to us. This is the result:


Valentina – works – with Michael Jackson – at the fun fair – she is very elegant – people think she is a very cheerful person

STORY 2 Valentina – seduces – intensively – at Maluga Bar – she is wearing a sexy baby-doll – people think she is man-eater

STORY 3 Valentina – dreams of – a tough nut to crack – everywhere – she is well dressed – people think she doesn’t know that Michael Jackson is dead

STORY 4 Valentina – eats – a banana – anywhere – dressed as a Teletubby – people think she has a nice necklace


For the Beer Tiramisu’ recipe, pleace contact the Maluga’ Bar in Sabaudia ( – :


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