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photo 1We are very lucky today that Mr Onion (his surname translated from Italian into English) has finally accepted to publish this post about him.

He was shy, he didn’t want to be our July Special Guest but then he read the first draft of the post and he said… I LIKE!

Who is Mr Onion?

He is a sweet guy coming from a traditional Italian family, grown up making wine and oil with his parents, and now happy to be a famous pizzaiolo who only uses the best ingredients and the best techniques available on the market. He is also very good at baking, the recipe below is all his ( – :photo 2

Mr Onion is a real music lover: he plays guitar, he listens to all sorts of genres, he gives advises about recordings. You talk to him about music and in the twinkling of an eye you discover Julio de Pinga y Los Peones, the The Mentos, and Marta on Dicks (free translation).

Mr Onion is fearless, always ready to start a new adventurous life in Latina, Rotterdam, or Valencia. Today he is leaving again…

Good luck, my Mr Onion, enjoy your big jump and be happy! I’ll see you in exactly one year under the Big Dipper ( – :

FOR THE RECIPE contact Mr Onion

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