Belgian Style – Limited Edition

Guys, yes yes yes, yesterday Belgium won its first match of the World Cup 2014!

red devils1

So I decided to pay tribute to Belgians – or at least to the 16.9% of them who are single and marriable – with this story written in episodes.

The first three episodes will be published after each Belgian game and will continue only if the Red Devils (alleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez les Diables!) will go to the next round.



Eva: her life is based on a true story

Written by Bianca Santillo

Some time ago I was in a typical Brussels bar, you know, a European bubble bar, a big metal counter, many uncomfortable stools. I was there with some friends having a drink and looking around… Then I saw him: alone, sipping a coke. Sipping a coke? But why? Was he already drunk and trying to recover? No, I decided he was just a tormented soul.

So I went to talk to him.

My friends are always surprised when they see me approaching guys I don’t know, they think it is a big challenge, but for me it is easy to break the ice. I go there, I say my name and then I bla bla bla bla until the ice is not only broken… it has MELTED! At that point I am facing one of these three types of men:

Type 1 – The gay guy. I recognize him straight away because he ONLY looks at my eyes (c’mon, look down, I have divine boobs!). No problem, we can still talk about those mean men who make us so unhappy!

Type 2 – The serious guy. He doesn’t laugh, he doesn’t interact, he just doesn’t speak any of the languages I can speak. Drama, this is very frustrating, libido gone, I look for my friends and I seriously leave.

10300016_10152473787819267_6638007307342971000_nType 3 – The Hermit Crab guy. This kind of man/crab is a cautious and solitary animal who inspires a lot of tenderness. He doesn’t speak much when I go to rescue him from his little (diet!) coke, but the five words he says are absolutely the right ones! Yes, Mr Hermit, I will save you from loneliness!!!


EPISODE 2 here

EPISODE 3 here

                                                         EPISODE 4 here

                                                         LAST EPISODE here

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