Alessandro’s Amaretti

Cavo 1Alessandro Cavo is the happy owner of the Marescotti Bakery in Genoa, the bakery I mentioned in my letter to Santa in December last year.

Alessandro is also the main character of the documentary that inspired me to go to Genoa for my birthday this year.

But above all, Alessandro is my JUNE SPECIAL GUEST!

I stepped into his bakery and I looked for Alessandro straight away. I saw him. My heart missed a beat. In this place, gazing into Alessandro’s eyes, I was sure that I was about to buy emotions and not only a normal coffee ans a normal pastry… Real emotions!

Then I took a look at the exposed pastries and suddenly I needed a REAL SWEEEEEET PRODUCT OF GENOA! No, guys, not Alessandro… Only his grandfather’s creation: the Amaretti di Voltaggio.

cavo amaretto

Go to Genoa and try them, they are absolutely fantastic!!!

And now, Alessandro, just between you and me… Can you tell me the truth? Are you still single??

Waiting for the answer I’ll send you a hug from Brussels ( – ;

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