Monsieur Charlotte

portrait Nicolas GadomskiMonsieur Charlotte, it is a great honour for me to welcome you today in the Special Guest section!

You will be THE MAY SPECIAL GUEST, this is my special thank you for what you offered me a couple of weeks ago…

… It was a Wednesday afternoon, sun was shining, many people were gathered at the Place du Chatelain in Brussels for the usual food market.

Some people were just sipping a glass of wine after work, some other people like Nath’ & Diane, MyriamGregAlison and Maxine were there to do some real shopping.

069We had a shopping list, we had a menu to prepare, we had a big and welcoming professional kitchen provided by The Chatelain Boutique Hotel, we had a Chef – alias Monsieur Charlotte – to cook with: tall, brown hair, sharp look, a fine black chef coat, full of culinary ideas.

Monsieur Charlotte brought us for shopping, then we had the chance to taste his famous Foie Gras in candyfloss, we garnished our dishes with scallops, red mullet, butternut puree and flowers, finally we made our sweeeeeeet red fruit charlotte with meringue:


Of course between a candyfloss and a scallop, I found 5 minutes to ask Monsieur Charlotte some questions and I found out that he doesn’t have a sweet tooth, that he prefers soya to milk, that in the morning for breakfast he only has a coffee , and that his perfect dessert is… a fruit salad! What about chocolate, Chef?

”No, it’s not my thing” he said.


Really? I can’t believe it ((( – :

If you want to live a creative and convivial culinary experience too, contact M. Boureau at

Thanks also to Laurence for the organisation! 

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