Ricotta and Pear Cake

Ingredients for 1 Sponge Base:torta ricotta e pere

100 gr Hazelnuts (chopped)
100 gr Sugar

100 gr Butter

1 Egg

1 Tablespoon cocoa powder

30 – 40 gr Flour

Ingredients for Filling:

350 gr Ricotta (sheep’s milk if possible)

200 gr Whipped cream

80 – 100 gr Icing sugar

3 Pears

1 Tablespoon golden caster sugar

1 Lemon (juice only)

Recipe: Mix all the ingredients for the sponge base, then bake in a 25 cm tin for 20 minutes on 180 degrees. For the filling, whisk ricotta and icing sugar and set aside. Then cook pears with lemon juice and dust them with caster sugar. Finally place one sponge on a plate and spoon over the cream, top with the pears, then with some cream, top with the remaining sponge. Dust with icing sugar and serve with reserved pear syrup.

Trick or Threat: You will need TWO sponges of course ( – ;

Dedicated to: Rocky – a name that describes him very well: a lot of muscles, a super taut chest, a thug look, and the great sense of protection he inspired.

Rocky protected me in many occasions, he was my nice savior during the years we shared at the Peanut Bar and he never asked anything in exchange. Actually, I was the one asking for the first kiss and fighting for all the other kisses that followed. Aaaaaah Rocky!

Then we lost contact and we met 10 years later on a Ryanair flight departing from Rome. I was looking awful that day, I was tired and I just wanted to sink in my seat and sleep. But suddenly I heard someone calling my name. That raspy voice, it could only be Rocky’s! I turned around, we sat together, we catched-up on the last 10 years and then…

… Then he looked into my eyes, he put his strong hand on mine, he almost crushed it, and he exclaimed: ”I am scared, I don’t like all these turbulences, we are going to crash and die, my legs feel like ricotta, I am fainting, I am fainting”.

Rocky, you cannot faint, you cannot fall like a ripe pear from the tree, you are ROCKY!

We didn’t crash, but my beliefs on the strong Rocky collapsed… Sadness please go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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