Ice Cold Muffins

pie in the faceSaverio is the first man who was brave enough to accept my invite in the ”Let’s Cake Their Ass” section. Thanks to Saverio we will scientifically prove that men can cake their ex-girlfriends exactly like women do!

So Saverio, please feel free to throw some muffins in your ex-girlfriend’s face ( – :

Saverio is sincere and spontaneous, but he knows that women can easily fall in love with him if he whispers in their ears, if he makes them laugh, if he sings a song for them, and if he doesn’t give himself straight away.

This is what happened with an Italian lady some time ago. She fell in love, she desperately tried to charm him for one year and finally Saverio surrended.

Their love story was just idyllic at the beginning, then she became less and less interested until the moment she broke up via Facebook. Imagine the scene: Saverio drinking his first coffee of the day in front of his laptop, checking the news, checking the weather forecasts, checking his friends’ status on Facebook, and finally noticing that he was no longer in relationship with her! WTF!

His sweet heart turned into pure ice for a second:


Luckily for us, though, Saverio is now again free to whisper into our ears and to sing sweet songs for us. Let us dreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam, Saveeeeeeeeee

For the recipe, contact me


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