Rainbow Cake

Ale Fantastic Ale! My colleague, my consultant, and my editor who didn’t hesitate a minute to accept when I bluntly asked him: “Ale, what about if I insert a new page in the blog, would you like to put your face there?”. Fantastic Ale who got caked just with the promise of a bespoke dessert for him ( – :

And the RAINBOW CAKE was born! It’s a colourful piece of art exuberant and sparkly like him, exaggerated like the worst hypochondriac that he can be, super good like his education at the Bocconi University, and class like when he matches his socks to his tie.

Thanks to Ale and his Rainbow Cake, we launch today a new page dedicated to… all the friends who are not scared of showing their face. Would you also like to be caked?? Contact me or break my heart, Mr Macho Man, and I will bake a cake to throw in your face ( – ;


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