BB’s Pies

It’s the Special Guest time agaiiiiiiiiiiin, how exciting! Today it is even more exciting because this month we have a very very very special guest, let’s clap our hands for MY BOSS, Mister BB!


Today it’s Mister BB’s birthday, he is turning 20 again, and as a 20-year old chap he is so passionate, so positive, so sparkly. The song he hums very often lately is Happy, and it’s true that Mister BB is a happy person and always tries to make everybody else’s life happier.

Working with him is inspiring and stimulating; he knows so many things about our professional world, and he knows so much about life that you would listen to him night and day. In addition, he is a great cook in front of his special bbq, he can make beautifulissimi ravioli with his pasta machine, he can decorate surprising gingerbread houses for Christmas, and he can bake the best pies ever.

Mister BB is a true-blue English man in Brussels and with pies he has a special feeling. He coached me for the PIES contest and this is why I chose this special confection to celebrate his birthday today ( – ;


Thank you, Mister BB, I lived and I learned with you so much!


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