Sugar Pie

Ingredients:tarte au sucre

150 gr Flour

15 gr Yeast (cube)

60 gr Butter

50 ml Milk (lukewarm)

1 Pinch salt

1 Egg yolk

For the topping: 100 ml Liquid cream, 100 gr Sugar (normal or brown or both), 70-80 gr Icing sugar, 2 Eggs

Recipe: Melt yeast in a bit of warm water, then add it to flour and egg yolk. Make a dough adding slowly all the other ingredients, then wrap the dough in some transparent film and let it rise for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile mix all the ingredients for the topping. Now roll out the dough in a baking pan and spread the topping on it. Bake for 15 minutes on 220 degrees. 

Dedicated to Marvin and to all those men that I decided to approach just because it was already 2 am, the party was about to end, and I was still alone…

C’mon, I’m sure this happened to you too: you spend hours getting ready, you try a new amazing make up, you wear the dress that really fits your outstanding body, then you go out waiting for the world to confirm that YOU ARE A STAR and… finally nobody looks at you ) – ; Except maybe Marvin at 2 am…

Marvin and all the “you-are-the-last-chance-to-make-me-feel-special-kind-of-guy” is just like this sugar pie. Imagine that you come home after a long and painful day and you open the fridge: almost empty… the only dessert you can bake with what is left in your cabinets is the sugar pie. Maybe a bit boring, but its effect is guaranteed: 2 slices of this pie and you’ll feel goooooooooooood again so sadness please go awaaaaaaaaaaaay

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