Bridget Jones Panties

OMG, we are almost in March and we haven’t caked a Special Guest yet. Don’t worry, I went out there and I found THE right Special Guest for February:



Mariagrazia is a colorful and cheerful person, she is very creative and funny, she is so energetic! She has several passions like cooking (BTW she is a super blogger too, take two minutes to visit her blog) and collecting snow globes, she has more than 150 of them!

Maybe because she collects this kind of weird things, she is still single… Ah ah ah, Mariagrazia, I’m just kidding, I know you like my jokes ( – : And I know you like my cakes too, so here is my cake for you on the Saint Faustinus day (FYI – Faustinus is Saint Valentine for singles):



It is the exactly like the panties that Bridget Jones was wearing when she had her first longed for date with Daniel Cleaver interpreted by the fabulous Hugh Grant!

Mari, I know you would never wear something like this, but can you confirm the cake was delicious?

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