Raspberry Dacquoise

Origin: A dacquoise is a dessert cake made with layers of almond meringue and whipped cream or buttercream. It takes its name from the feminine form of the French word dacquois, meaning ‘of Dax’, a town in south-western France. It is usually served chilled and accompanied by fruit.


(For two discs)

6 Egg whites

150 gr Almond meal

150 gr Icing sugar

20 gr Sugar

1 Drop lemon

For the filling: Whipped cream and raspberries

Recipe: Preheat oven to 160°C. Line 2 baking trays with non-stick baking paper. Draw an 18cm disc on each. Beat the egg whites in a clean, dry bowl until firm peaks form. Gradually add sugar and lemon. Gently fold in the almond meal and the icing sugar. Divide the meringue mixture evenly between two discs. Bake for ca 30 minutes with the door ajar. Leave the discs to cool completely then place a meringue disc on a serving plate, spread with some whipped cream, top with some raspberries, and continue layering with remaining meringue disc(s), cream and raspberries. Dust with icing sugar.

Trick or Threat: You can double the ingredients quantities to make more discs and so more layers.

Dedicated to:

F. – a French super sweeeeet chap

Flash – he started by taking a picture of me

Blink – and in a second we started chit-chatting, we talked about everything and we ended up talking about art and fashion

Blank – I know, and I know that you know, that my art and fashion knowledge equals to zero…

Black – I prefer indeed talking about blackcurrants and raspberries ( – ;

White – saying goodbye after an amazing evening together under a super bright and shining artnouveau-typicalfromBrussels-streetlight he invited me for dinner and I accepted

Night – so we spent another late evening together. He booked a very fancy restaurant, he was so elegant… He paid for both of us, but he ruined himself!

Knight – I soon discovered that he was no chevalier, or at least not mine: he could def’ not afford that restaurant, I understood it when I saw his old and rusted Peugeot

Sword – Guys, my heart was sabered ) – ; and was smashed to pieces. The problem was not the old very old super old car, no, the problem was that he lied to me

Words – Speechless I remained… Another lesson for our male readers: don’t try to impress ladies with very expensive plans, ladies always find out if you are broke. But don’t worry, they might eventually fall in love with you even if you have a crappy car ( – ; Bitterness please go awaaaaaaaaay

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