First Blog Birthday – Comic Strip

photo 2Ciao Guyssssssss, it’s time to discover the Special Guest of January, are you ready?


The Special Guest this month is…. HOMME SWEEET HOMME who celebrates its FIRST BIRTHDAY on Monday 27th January 2014!!!!

Let’s clap our hands for Homme Sweeet Homme and for US, the best blogger and the best readers in the worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrld!

And now? What’s next step?

 First think

Some hours later…

2 another think

3 solution



 So what did he really say about the blog?

He said “I was given a simple task: giving my feedback on a Blog. Where shall I start from? It doesn’t happen every day that someone dedicates something to me, I’m as touched and thrilled as you, dear Eva. From Warsaw I read you and I support you. Powodzenia!!!”


Let’s hear what another caked man has to say:

I laughed reading my post, it is written in a nice way. For sure I like the fact that you liked me (even if Paolo doesn’t have a golden peanut!) and it is always interesting to discover how I am perceived. As I wrote straight after the post came up, I feel sincerely pleased.

You’ve got talent, I wish you to use it in the best way.

 8 g

Our kisses… Did I describe them correctly, Mr Caked?

I am bit confused about which story you are referring. As I read all and gave me different imagination in my mind.  Some cases sexy, funny, oh WTF, and hilarious :))

[…] Found it, MY dessert reminds me of a naughty, juicy full of sweet kisses (((:

Hmm you are tempting me more to run my imagination horses, it also reminds me of tender and wet touches. After knowing now and with my bit of story, I am surely going to follow the blog!


Mr Green Shirt, any reaction?

Ah ah ah, coooool! Do you know that even my sister is among your followers?! 


Mr Maritozzo, surprise meeeeeeee!

Hi Eva, how are you? What shall I say? I’m surprised and if the compliments are sincere, I can only thank you. But why the maritozzo? Aaaaah good old days!

This is my surprise for you:


Mr Maritozzo eating a maritozzo in Rome


Special thanks to

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  1. gaelluccia January 21, 2014 at 3:53 pm Reply

    Love it! Auguri di primo compleanno!!!!

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