Ingredients: profiteroles

A bag of puffs

200 ml Whipped cream

100 gr Dark chocolate

1 Cup milk

For the cream

750 ml Milk

3 Yolks

200 gr Sugar

150 gr Flour

Vanilla extract

Recipe: In a saucepan beat yolks with sugar, add flour and vanilla, then pour milk little by little. Bring to boil, remove the saucepan from the stove and let the cream rest. When this cream is cold, mix it with the whipped cream. Use half of this preparation to fill the puffs with. Now take the other half and mix it with the dark chocolate already melted in the warm milk. Then dip the puffs in this chocolate cream, put the mas a pyramid on a nice dish and decorate.

Dedicated to: all the men who brag about themselves and their physical attributes, but finally you discover that… they can only be proud of the adjectives they could find to describe themselves.

I am thinking of D., for example, that I kissed and cuddled for years… before getting finally to THE point… and… discovering that he only had one ball! Bitterness please go awaaaaaaaay!

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