torroneOrigin: The torrone is a confection typically made of honey, sugar, and egg white, with toasted almonds and peanuts or other nuts. The torrone is usually shaped into a rectangular tablet and it is frequently consumed as a traditional Christmas dessert in Italy.

Recipe: I could give you the torrone recipe and let you clean up the sugar stuck on your stove after using all the hardware in your kitchen… But I’m nice enough to advise you to buy the torrone in a supermarket ( – :

Dedicated to All the men I met in my life who were convinced they had a golden peanut. And especially to Paolo who looked quite easy to crunch and then I broke my teeth on him.

Imagine a dinner among friends, imagine a couple of drinks too many, imagine a double chocolate cake, imagine a voluptuous blogger selling her creatures, imagine a brilliant man with no cravings for sweets. This is how it all started…

At the beginning Paolo looked easy going, he smiled, he interacted, he even pretended to like the cake I (silver)spoon-fed him. Then the question: “Paolo, what cake would you be?” He wanted to be jell-o, panna cotta, or mousse. But noooooo, Paolo, you are not a foamy dessert, you are a briquette-style cake! Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with this kind of cakes: they are heavy and steady, they are traditional and sweet, they are loved by everyone and above all by moms. Yes, let’s talk about moms… Mine woke me up the day after this dinner with a nice: “Happy new year darling, how is Paolo?”. What?? You still remember Paolo? This means it’s right, the briquette-style cake always strikes on moms ( – ;

Too bad that the briquettes like Paolo (alias the torrone) at a certain point reveal their polemic hard nuts: “Yes, I could kiss you here and now, but you know, my peanut is golden, you need to deserve it…” they say. Or even “Yes, I could touch your butt while dancing, but, hey, I’m not like all the others, I have a golden peanut, I take my time” they add.

OK, Paolo, I admit my defeat, you are crunchier than what I thought… I will never know if you really have a golden peanut or not, I enjoyed the sweet game we played anyhow, and now it’s time to shout once again bitterness please go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay (( – :

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  1. sweetmilla123 January 8, 2014 at 1:24 pm Reply

    Ma quanto, ma quanto, ma quanto mi piacciono i tuoi racconti! Supersimpaticissimaaaaa! :) :) :)

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