Manitoba Flour and Nutella Cake

pie in the faceThis page has been created for all my friends and followers who want to take their revenge on their EXs. The idea is that we’ll bake together a customized cake to throw in their EXs’ face. Isn’t it relieving? ( – :

Yessssssssss, we are back again with an article dedicated to YOU! Dedicated to you, my dear friends and readers, who wish to take revenge on one of your ex-lovers by throwing a cake in his face!

Today we will cake Cicciuzz’ ass ( – ;

Cicciuzz is not really an EX lover, he is actually the INCUMBENT BOYFRIEND of the sweetest person I have ever met: Sara!

They are lovely together, they are the perfect couple: he plays guitar and she sings, she cooks very well and he eats…

… And he eats a lot even if he starts a diet every 2 weeks ( – ; He is very passionate about each diet at the beginning – no matter if it is the Balalaika one or the astronaut one – but he gets tired and he gives up quite quickly. Being tired is one of Cicciuzz’ main characteristics: he loves to sleep.

Unfortunately Sara doesn’t agree, she doesn’t want to spend every Saturday and Sunday morning trying to wake him up! She tried everything to speed up the “waking up” process, but she succeeded ONLY once thanks to Nutella!

So today, she tries again with this delicious Manitoba flour and Nutella cake:


Will Cicciuzz (alias the king of the spinning roll) wake up for good?


After the throwing of the cake, we will stay tuned and wait for the throwing of the bouquet!

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