Apple Pie

Origin: The apple pie is a fruit pie in which the principal filling ingredient is apples. It is sometimes served with whipped cream or ice cream on top. Pastry is generally used top-and-bottom, making it a double-crust pie, the upper crust of which may be a circular shaped crust or a pastry lattice woven of strips. It can be baked for any occasion but for sure it is served for Thanksgiving. BTW Thanksgiving is today!

Ingredients: Apple Pies

For the crust

113 gr Butter (from freezer)

156 gr Flour

0.5 teaspoon salt

0.5 teaspoon sugar

3-4 Tbsp ice water

For the filling

4 Apples

1 Tablespoon lemon juice

2 Tablespoons flour

4 Teaspoons sugar

2 Teaspoons cinnamon

1 Egg white

Recipe: Combine all the ingredients for the crust in a food processor, pulse to mix. Add ice water 1 tablespoon at a time, pulsing until mixture just begins to clump together. If you pinch some of the crumbly dough and it holds together, it’s ready. Remove dough from machine and place in a mound on a clean surface, gently shape the dough mixture into two disks, wrap each disk in plastic wrap, and refrigerate at least 1 hour.

Remove one crust disk from the refrigerator. Let sit at room temperature for 5-10 minutes in order to soften just enough to make rolling out a bit easier. Roll out with a rolling pin on the pie plate. Use a pair of kitchen scissors to trim the dough to within 1/2 inch of the edge of the pie dish. Now add filling to the pie (made mixing all the ingredients mentioned above) and roll out second disk of dough, as before. Gently place onto the top of the filling in the pie. Pinch top and bottom of dough rounds firmly together. Fold the edge of the top piece of dough over and under the edge of the bottom piece of dough, pressing together and finally score the top of the pie with four 2-inch long cuts, so that steam from the cooking pie can escape. Bake for 20-30 min (180 degrees).

Source: Gaelluccia

Trick or Threat: Last time I baked the apple pie I made several mini-pies served on a stick (see picture in the post). Deliciousssssssss

Dedicated to: All my American friends and ex-boyfriends who celebrate today Thanksgiving ( the blessing of the harvest of the preceding year). Thanksgiving has its historical roots in religious and cultural traditions, and has long been celebrated in a secular manner as well. On this special occasion, Americans gather around a table full of delicacies such as turkey, waterfowl, berries, fruit, pumpkin etc. But before the meal, the tradition says that the invitees say grace and say thanks for what they have. Shall we also say thanks in front of this succulent apple pie? I give thanks for my family and friends and all the happy things we do together, for understanding, laughter, and for love strong and warm in any kind of weather. Of course, I cannot forget to mention in my grace the sweeeeeet men who make our lives so… entertaining ( – ; THANKS!

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  1. Gaelluccia November 28, 2013 at 5:00 pm Reply

    Happy Thanksgiving! I have made apple pie many times but never tried as mini tortine. Looks amazing! I cannot wait to try! Bacioni

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