Origin: The maritozzo, a bun topped with whipped cream, is a typical dessert from Rome. Its name means “cute husband” and it comes from the tradition men had to bring this bun to their fiancés before the wedding, right before becoming marito (husband) e moglie (wife).

Ingredients: Maritozzo

50 gr Sourdough

300 gr Flour

2 Eggs

70 gr Sugar

4 Tbsp olive oil

100 gr Raisins

50 gr Pine nuts

50 gr Orange peel

2 dl Whipped cream


Recipe: Knead sourdough with 100 gr flour, one egg, 1 tbsp oil, and a pinch of salt. Make a ball, cover it, and let it rise for about 4 hours. Then knead it with the remaining oil and flour, the other egg, 50 gr sugar, a pinch of salt, and 2 tbsp of hot water. Then add raisins, orange peel, and pine nuts. Divide the dough in several balls (the size of an egg) and let them rise again before baking them (220 degrees) for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile mix the remaining sugar with 4-5 tbsp of boiling water and use the syrup to brush the top of your buns. Bake for another 1-2 minutes. Finally incise each bun on its length, wait until they are cold and fill them with the whipped cream.

Dedicated to: Max, the maximum expression of the Italian macho man: his strong muscles sheathed in a black uniform, his divine backside, his broad shoulders, his Tom Cruise smile, his Latin lover manners, his love for soccer… Mhhhh

Too bad he was more interested in skinny young women with little boops than in me. I was a bit too round for him until the day Max asked me out. WOW, I couldn’t believe he wanted to go for a date with me, I was so thrilled!

It was the week before his move to another city, we spent some good time together, first at the movies – but we didn’t really watch it – then in his car. Ok, I’m not going to give you the details but trust me, I am a good girl and that was only our first date ( -;

The day after he came to see me with a little present. I thought about the maritozzo, maybe he wanted to marry me? Ah ah ah, no, he just wanted to give me a small gift before his departure. So cuuuuuuuute, but then he moved and we never met again. Bitterness please go awaaaaaaaaaaay!

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  1. sweetmilla123 November 21, 2013 at 7:13 pm Reply

    Ma scusa, il pupazzo doveva dartelo prima! Visto che stava per partire voleva solo verificare che non si era lasciato sfuggire nulla ma proprio nulla (nel caso tu non fossi stata una brava ragazza :) ) Avanti il prossimo! :)

    • hommesweeethomme November 21, 2013 at 7:15 pm Reply

      E’ vero (( – : Io ero giovane e innocente (appena ventenne), lui gia’ un bel marpione. Ma graaaande Max!

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