To Be Censored Cake

prep 1





A disrespectful cake, a politically incorrect cake, even an almost porn cake…




prep 2



A cake dedicated to the vast majority of men, those men who embody a very deep anatomic paradox: can a man without balls be such a great dickhead?



We Keep on Baking

Yes, yes, yes, you are right, my last posts were only about (Belgian) men, but please don’t think that Homme Sweeet Homme doesn’t bake anymore!

Actually I bake (and cake ah ah ah) a lot and the GROUP CAKE below is the living proof:

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Avrete notato che ultimamente parliamo piu’ di uomini (belgi) che di torte, ma non crediate che la creativita’ dolciaria di Homme Sweeet Homme si sia esaurita… ANZI!

Grazie ai fantastici eroi-amici del blog, le occasioni per fare torte non mancano mai.

Per festeggiare il compleanno di Italo, Lorea e Sara ieri abbiamo preparato questa  torta di gruppo

Cars Cupcakes



World Cup 2014 Cake

Waiting for the great Squadra, we celebrate our friend Andre:

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Slow Cake

Homme Sweeet Homme presents Mister the slowest marzipan sloth, Miss Tired, King Bed, and the most relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaxed cake ( – :  

A Friend is a Treasure

thumbnail decoA friend is a treasure and, when the friends are people like L’oreaSara & CiccioCindyAlessandro and those of you who put their face and their heart on my blog (THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU), it is not only a treasure… we can def’ speak  of a real GOLD MINE!

So guys, today I would like to share a video with you who have already participated to my blog, and with you who will participate very soon, and with you who are too shy to be online but you love tasting my cakes, and with Dado who was my last golden muse:


Happy Easter 2014




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Spicy Queen of Clubs

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Hello! Are you also planning a special event and you need a special cake?


Sweet Queen of Hearts

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Hello! Are you also planning a special event and you need a special cake?


BFF Cake Pops

Good morniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing world!#bff

We start the week full of positive energies and with a new recipe inspired by the first #BFF’s (Brussels Food Bloggers) event organised in Brussels last Saturday.

The goal of #BFF was to allow fellow food bloggers to finally meet up with each other face-to-face. So I arrived at the event with 20 business cards and my usual blog pitch: Hi! I write a sweet and spicy blog – a dessert recipe for each “man of my life” who deserved a cake in his face. I was ready to exchange with other passionate bloggers like me and I was not disappointed: a lot of passion came out from every single chat I had. From goat cheese to focaccia to radio broadcasting to mailing lists, we discussed so many interesting subjects! (more…)