Hamburgers Cupcakes

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Wine Tasting Inspired


BREAKING NEWSSS: We celebrate today THREE YEARS of Homme Sweeet Homme!!!



NINTYTWO cakes baked for this super sweet blog

of which

TWENTYTHREE cakes baked for our amazing Special Guests


FIFTYSEVEN cakes used to forget the bitterness left by the useless men I met in my life.

And I haven’t caked them all yet…



Xmas Present Idea

Are you looking for a fun Xmas present idea?

You are at the right place, I have an idea foryou: COOOOOOOOOOKIES IN A JAR!




Velvet Cupcakes

The other day I was thinking that I make recurrent mistakes… One of my biggest was without any doubts MR VELVET CAKE

But I don’t like to stay on a bitter note, I like to sweeten my life as much as possible, this is why I baked some velvet cupcakes to share with close friends ( – :

IMG_5203 (more…)

Another Happy Birthday

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Mr Big Patrick

Everybody enjoyed him that night

Everybody enjoyed him that night


Hi Guys,

So difficult to stay away from men and cakes… So Homme Sweeet Homme is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack with a new cake, a new strip, and even a new stripper!!





Happy Easter 2015!

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Bitter-Sweet Birthday

Hello my dear Friends!due anni

It is time today for Homme Sweeet Homme to blow its second candle, already!!

When I started writing my scathing posts two years ago I couldn’t imagine the success and the many satisfactions that all this would bring ( – :

Every single time an article was online, a big part of bitterness disappeared from my heart and a big new smile appeared on my face and probably also on yours.

Every single time I wrote a piece of my love (hi)story, I knew that I could look back without anger and I could look ahead full of hope. Which hope? The hope that it cannot rain forever, the hope that maybe the next boyfriend would be THE ONE, the hope that I would eventually find a normal guy – probably full of imperfections like all of us – who would choose to love me and to be loved by me until the end of our days. (more…)

Read Your Future in the Stars Cake

A fantastic pink pound cake filled with custard and raspberries and finally topped with dark chocolate and sugar stars. Mmmmmmh, deliciousssss

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