Belgian Flag Cake

Ingredients:Belgian Flag

3 Eggs

250 gr Flour

250 gr Sugar

16 gr Baking powder

Half glass milk

Half glass oil

A pinch salt

Cocoa powder

Red food coloring (more…)

Sugar Pie

Ingredients:tarte au sucre

150 gr Flour

15 gr Yeast (cube)

60 gr Butter

50 ml Milk (lukewarm)

1 Pinch salt

1 Egg yolk

For the topping: 100 ml Liquid cream, 100 gr Sugar (normal or brown or both), 70-80 gr Icing sugar, 2 Eggs (more…)


Ingredients: profiteroles

A bag of puffs

200 ml Whipped cream

100 gr Dark chocolate

1 Cup milk

For the cream

750 ml Milk

3 Yolks

200 gr Sugar

150 gr Flour

Vanilla extract (more…)


torroneOrigin: The torrone is a confection typically made of honey, sugar, and egg white, with toasted almonds and peanuts or other nuts. The torrone is usually shaped into a rectangular tablet and it is frequently consumed as a traditional Christmas dessert in Italy.

Recipe: I could give you the torrone recipe and let you clean up the sugar stuck on your stove after using all the hardware in your kitchen… But I’m nice enough to advise you to buy the torrone in a supermarket ( – :

Dedicated to All the men I met in my life who were convinced they had a golden peanut. And especially to Paolo who looked quite easy to crunch and then I broke my teeth on him. (more…)

Apple Pie

Origin: The apple pie is a fruit pie in which the principal filling ingredient is apples. It is sometimes served with whipped cream or ice cream on top. Pastry is generally used top-and-bottom, making it a double-crust pie, the upper crust of which may be a circular shaped crust or a pastry lattice woven of strips. It can be baked for any occasion but for sure it is served for Thanksgiving. BTW Thanksgiving is today!

Ingredients: Apple Pies

For the crust

113 gr Butter (from freezer)

156 gr Flour

0.5 teaspoon salt

0.5 teaspoon sugar

3-4 Tbsp ice water

For the filling

4 Apples

1 Tablespoon lemon juice

2 Tablespoons flour

4 Teaspoons sugar

2 Teaspoons cinnamon

1 Egg white (more…)

Magic Cake

Ingredients:Torta magica / Magic Cake

115 gr Flour

4 Eggs (room temperature)

1 Tablespoon cold water

150 gr Sugar

125 gr Melted butter (cold)

1 Tablespoon vanilla extract

500 ml Milk (warm)

1 Teaspoon lemon juice

1 Pinch salt

For decoration: Confectioner sugar (more…)

A Cookie Called Eva


430 gr Flour

250 gr Butter

90 gr Icing sugar

3 Teaspoons lemon juice

1 Teaspoon zest

(Apricot jam and water)

Recipe: In a large bowl cream together the butter and sugar until smooth. Beat in the lemon zest and juice, and then the flour. Put the dough through cookie press or in a cookie-gun. Bake for 20 minutes at 200 degrees then let them cool down. You can use the jam mixed with water to glaze them.

Dedicated to: All the men who don’t fu***king remember my name! C’mon, it’s not so difficult, EVA is the name of the FIRST woman and, above all, EVA is the name of the outstandingly amazing lady that I am!

After Mr Jell-o (“I don’t recognize this number, you are…”) and Mr-the-Flemish-with-two-dogs (I’ll tell you more in due course), here we have Mr Berliner Doughnut… Bon, this was his nickname when I wanted to cake him for my blog (and I repeat, for the blog ONLY), but then… Do you know what happened? Do you really want to know what happened then??

It happened that when I met him, he seemed a very cheerful and nice person. Nothing special, actually it happened that I understood at first sight that he would play in the category “I can be a bit stodgy and difficult to be digested, so not good to eat”.  It happened that I also understood quite easily that he was not so into me either. Then it happened that, as it can happen between adults, no matter if there is attraction or not, you can still sometimes have a beer and a chat together, so I contacted him. Finally it happened that he accepted a drink, but he confused me with my friend Renata!

No Berliner Doughnut for you! You only deserve that I throw at your big face all these cookies with my special cookie-gun, lucky you that I won’t use my nail-gun (( – ; Bitterness please go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Mojito Tarts

Ingredients: Mojito

1 Puff pastry

For the cream

4 Egg yolks

Some mint leaves

120 gr Brown sugar

1.5 dl White rum

2 Tablespoons flour

40 gr Butter

4 Lime (juice)

Recipe: Take the pastry and cut it into 12 disks and press a round onto bottom and up sides of each cup of a 12-cup non-stick muffin tin. Bake the disks in the oven (15 minutes on 180 degrees) then fill them with the cream that you have prepared with the rest of the ingredients. Serve cold or at room temperature and decorated with lime slices and mint leaves.

Trick or Threat: Make sure all the alcohol has evaporated before you decide the cream is ready.

Dedicated to: All my ex-boyfriends from Sabaudia  ( – ;

Let’s start from the beginning… A couple of weeks ago I left you with a post re: the usual bonfire organised on 15th August in my little Italian hometown, Sabaudia (see A Jar of Sweetness). Now I have breaking news for you, are you ready?

The bonfire

this year



And it was replaced by a ska concert. I have to admit that it was a veeeeery good ska concert but for me it was a bit like a horror movie, imagine:

It is the 15th August. After a nice mojito on the beach (this is why I chose the recipe presented today), I go to my favourite pub in town to party with all my friends. Mr Ice-Cream is singing “Monkey Man” and I dance and giggle around until… brrrrrr… I’m approached by Mr 5th May who wants to introduce me his nice family (third child coming soon?), then Mr Dove arrives with his girlfriend brought there for this special occasion (odd, usually he leaves her at home in a shrine), and oooops I bump into Mr Spinning Top Cake who is tripping around while dancing with his friends. There are also two or three ex-boyfriends that I have not caked on the blog yet (such as Mr Solero and Mr Cotton Candy) and I finally realize that I am in the middle of zombies: the ghosts of my summer pasts. Frighteniiiiiiiiiing!

Now I need a good mojito ( – ; Bitterness please go away!

A Jar of Sweetness

Hi Dear Readerssssssssssssssss!

It’s finally August and it is time for your amazing blogger to go on holidaysssssss!

In the upcoming weeks I won’t write much but, before I go, I want to share with you another sweet recipe and a spicy story.

Recipe: You will need a big jar of Nutella, a slice of nice bread, and then a lot of fantasy ( – ;



While you go mad with the Nutella – yes baby, spread it all over ah ah ah – I’ll get ready for the traditional mid-summer bonfire when having bread and Nutella for dessert after the bbq on the beach in Sabaudia is a MUST. (more…)

Mendiant Confections

Origin: A mendiant (“mendicant” in English) is a traditional French confection composed of a chocolate disk studded with nuts and dried fruits representing the poverty during the World Wars.


150 gr Dark chocolate

150 gr Milk chocolate

75 gr Sugar

50 gr Butter

30 cl Single cream

Various nuts and dried fruits

Recipe: Put the cream in a pan on the stove and heat it up. Meanwhile put dark chocolate with half of butter and half of sugar in a bowl; in another bowl put milk chocolate with the other half of butter and the other half of sugar.  Pour the hot cream in the bowls evenly and mix well. Cover both bowls and leave them in the fridge for about 12 hours. The day after heat up the two preparations separately in a double boiler, use the melted chocolates to make little disks on a sheet of baking paper, finally decorate each disk with dried fruits. Put in the fridge at least 2 hours before serving. (more…)