Introduction: Homme Sweeet Homme likes eating all sorts of savory and sweet food except LOKUMs, do you wanna know why? Just scroll down after the recipe and you’ll find out ( – ;

Ingredients:Lokum 1

25 gr Icing sugar

100 gr Corn flour

700 gr Caster sugar

Juice of 1 lemon

3 tbsp Powdered gelatine

Red or pink coloring – optional

2 tbsp Rose water


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Origin: An affogato (which means “drowned” in Italian) is a coffee-based beverage. It usually takes the form of a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of hot espresso. Some variations also include a shot of Amaretto or other liqueur.



1 scoop good-quality vanilla ice cream 
1 shot freshly brewed hot espresso

Recipe: In a small dessert glass or coffee cup, scoop the ice cream or gelato. Pour the hot prepared coffee or espresso over the top of the ice cream. You can add a shot of whiskey, scotch, or your favorite liqueur.

Dedicated to: All those men who promised me not to hurt my feelings and then left me miserably alone.


To Be Censored Cake

prep 1





A disrespectful cake, a politically incorrect cake, even an almost porn cake…




prep 2



A cake dedicated to the vast majority of men, those men who embody a very deep anatomic paradox: can a man without balls be such a great dickhead?




Ingredients:zabaione public

4 Eggs (yolk only)

80 gr Sugar

50 ml Marsala wine

Recipe: Beat the yolks and the sugar until the mixture is palest yellow tending towards white, then beat in the Marsala and cook over a double boiler. Do not let it reach a boil, but remove it from the fire as soon as it thickens. Serve warm.

Dedicated to: All my one-night stands and especially to Pat who was with me this morning.

What did we do together this morning? Do you really want to know? Pat and I woke up quite early, we drove to the #BloomHotel in Brussels, we walked to room 121 and… (more…)

Belgian Style – Last Episode

B&W Red Devils 2014

B&W Red Devils 2014

HEROIC, our Red Devils have been heroic all along the WorldCup 2014 but yesterday… they stopped winning. They were brave, they were determined, they were great but just not enough ) – : Their story is over, discover if Eva and Mr Hermit’s story will end too! (You can read all the previous episodes here).

The week between the first and the second date goes by frenetically. I have to contact all my friends to help me deciding what to wear and what to cook for my Saturday with Mr Hermit-BelgianBraveGuyWithAGrayAudi.

I know that we are supposed to spend only the afternoon together, but you never know that we get hungry… Better if I have something edible in my fridge, something that confirms his idea that I am a super cook, but that can look a last minute choice. Mmmmh let me think…


Belgian Style – Episode 4

red devils vs usa



Great Great Great Belgian Team! These Red Devils won again yesterday keeping us until the end on the edge of our seats… A bit like our main character who was about to decline a special invite in the last episode, and then…

”Hello! I have a very busy schedule, but I think that I can find some time for a dinner with you tomorrow. Where do we meet?”

Mr Hermit, our now famous Belgian friend, comes to pick me up at home. When he rings the bell I check the car from the window… It’s a powerful, elegant, and (50 shades of) gray. It is an Audi. Yessssss, Mr Hermit, I don’t know you yet and I already love you! (more…)

Belgian Style – Episode 3




The Belgian Team is unstoppable, it keeps on winning so Eva’s life story can go on! In the last episode Eva was about to accept Mr Hermit’s friend request on Facebook…

CLICK, done, it is lunchtime, so now according to my rules I can accept Mr Hermit’s friendship request without looking too desperate ( – : And I can definately start the sanity check of his profile:

  • No pictures of him with sexy ladies – Nice

  • No pictures of him with SM toys – Nice

  • Some pictures of him barechest at the beach… Interesting, he has a six pack that I would love to bite  or xxx! (more…)

Belgian Style – Episode 2

during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Group H match between Belgium and Russia at Maracana on June 22, 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Group H match between Belgium and Russia at Maracana on June 22, 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


In the first episode of the saga about Eva’s life (READ IT HERE), Eva decided to rescue Mr Hermit from his loneliness, but how?

And here we are again, how can I escape from this “do-gooder” syndrome? I have to stop, these guys in distress are not my children, basta trying to rescue them from themselves… In addition, I finally always attract lame dogs and everybody knows that I don’t like dogs! (more…)

Belgian Style – Limited Edition

Guys, yes yes yes, yesterday Belgium won its first match of the World Cup 2014!

red devils1

So I decided to pay tribute to Belgians – or at least to the 16.9% of them who are single and marriable – with this story written in episodes.

The first three episodes will be published after each Belgian game and will continue only if the Red Devils (alleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez les Diables!) will go to the next round.


EPISODE 1 (more…)