Cieca Marini

Yeaaaah, it’s Carnival time again! So today I’ll give you a recipe that some days ago I prepared for this occasion with my lovely Aunt Rita: the CIECA MARINI (alias Struffoli)

Ingredients: 029

50 gr Butter (melted)

3 Eggs

100 gr Sugar

1 Tablespoon liqueur (your choice)

Ca 250 gr Flour (probably even a bit more)


Sugar sprinkles

Lemon skin (more…)

Bridget Jones Panties

OMG, we are almost in March and we haven’t caked a Special Guest yet. Don’t worry, I went out there and I found THE right Special Guest for February:


Mariagrazia (more…)

First Blog Birthday – Comic Strip

photo 2Ciao Guyssssssss, it’s time to discover the Special Guest of January, are you ready?


The Special Guest this month is…. HOMME SWEEET HOMME who celebrates its FIRST BIRTHDAY on Monday 27th January 2014!!!!

Let’s clap our hands for Homme Sweeet Homme and for US, the best blogger and the best readers in the worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrld!

And now? What’s next step?

 First think

Some hours later…

2 another think


American Delicacies

Hello my Friendsssss

Today I would like to introduce you the December Special GuestsAnnaPietro, and Pizzi – my crazy cousins!

Bruges (more…)

L’orea Cake

Hi Guys! Today you will meet the November Special Guest, our friend LAURA!

Let me describe her through the cake I baked for her, the L’orea Cake.

L'orea (more…)

Beer Muffins

We continue with the monthly post dedicated to our SPECIAL GUESTS. The month of October is consecrated to a couple, let’s clap our hands foooooooooooor:


They are a very sparkly couple. They met through a common friend, and then they met again by chance at a punk concert where he offered her a beer. Aaaaaaaaaah love for the hop can open a lot of doors; in this case it opened the main entrance of Mario and Eleonora’s heart.

Mario fell for the amber and candied Eleonora, she couldn’t resist his honest eyes and their love story started! Their relationship has the typical flavour of the spontaneous fermentation, the complex aromas and the vinous taste of the Iris beer from the Cantillon brewery which is also the favourite beer of our couple ( – ;

I met them with an Iris in our hand, so it was quite obvious to dedicate a beer inspired dessert to them:

Bloemen Bier (more…)


Some days ago I finally went to visit the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition in Brussels. It is a very complete overview around the Florentine master gathering many fascinating works and objects created or imagined by Leonardo.

A whole room is dedicated to Mona Lisa, you can find there the results of unprecedented studies of this masterpiece: amazing revelations! But the portrait that I found the most touching during the visit was definitely the “Lady with an Ermine”. As soon as I saw it, I found the inspiration for the September Special Guest: Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz!

Check this out:

Collage Tiz (more…)

iPad Cake

Arancine 3Hi Guyssssssssss

Today I would like to introduce you one of my most passionate friends in Brussels: Dado!

Dado comes from Sicily and, like all the people from this island, he is full of energies and joy. He looks a bit like a Barbary fig, a common Sicilian fruit, because he is sweetly pulpy and dangerously thorny. But he is also very funny, very proud of his region and very creative both in cooking and in loving ( – ;



Gaelle Miami


My Gaelluccia, my Gioia, she is the apple of my eyes and def’ the person who knows me best in this world.

Gaelluccia is so dynamic, so pragmatic, and so fit!

Gaelluccia is so different than me and so close to me even if she lives miiiiiiles away!

Gaelluccia taught me so many important things in the last 15 years…

For example she showed me that you build your happiness day by day and that luck doesn’t exist, she coached me on how to hear and reproduce French accents, she opened my eyes after a very bad romantic disappointment, she is the living proof that between real friends giving is way more important than receiving, she enlightened me on very strange words in the Sicilian dialect (ciuozzi??), and she also taught me funny American acronyms such as FUPA and PHAT ( – : (more…)


Ciao Guys! Guess who the June Special Guest is???

Yep, it’s me, your favourite sweet and spicy blogger!

After a looooooooooooong preparation, finally the day of my 35th birthday arrived and for this special occasion I decided to bake a loooot: brownies, muffins, mini dulche de leche, chocolate flowers, pink chocolate cookies and even TWO birthday cakes (STRAWBERRY cakes as per our survey)!



Don’t worry, I didn’t eat everything by myself ( – : Yesterday I invited to my place several friends and food critics who tasted my delicious creations and answered to a simple question: What is the adjective that describes Eva best? This is the result: The top  adjectives are cheerfulexplosivegenerous and Italian. Then my friends described me as sexy bomb, bright, chou (merci Cind’!), captivating, Desperate Housewife, fantastic, happy, lively, impulsive (really???), unforgettable, always “high” (yes, cakes are my addiction!), funny, sweeeeet… I also received some subliminal notes such as “best cook ever but sometimes I want to kill her…” and “Very open to what you think”… I’ll leave this with you ( – :

THANKS guys for joining, tasting and playing with me. Keep it up, guys, and stay tuned because the new creations’ recipes will be released soon on the blog ( – :

Lots of love and sweetness, Eva