Lemon Sponge Cake

Genesis of the AUGUST SPECIAL GUEST‘s cake: torta steve 1 (more…)

Offella Cookies

Offelle Collage


It has been a while, but now we are back dedicating a recipe to our fans & friends who deserve a nice treat.

Today we want to honor Mr Shining Star (translation of his Italian surname) with a home-made recipe.

Mr Shining Star is finally not so shining. He is a bit of a pessimist person who always sees the glass half empty. When you ask him ”How do you do?” usually he answers: ” Very bad, thanks. And if you ask me again in ten minutes, it will be even worse”.

BUT he brings a rogue wave of happiness wherever he goes. Is it because of his smile? Or maybe because of his Donald Duck’s voice mimicking? Or is it because of his coffee-style energy?

Who knows… What I know is that he can always make us smiling, and when he doesn’t succeed, then he gives away on of his Offella cookies and life is wow again!

BTW, here is the recipe for Offellas:


Mr Mont Blanc

montblancGuess who is the DECEMBER SPECIAL GUEST?

Yes, you can guess it, I’ll give you a hint: he is old.

I’ll give you a second hint: he is red dressed.

Yeeeees, it is SANTA!!

The inspiration arrived straight from Rome where one of my friends wrote:


Flower Power

Really? You thought that we were not going to have another amazing SPECIAL GUEST for NOVEMBER 2014? Really?

C’mon, I have the impression you don’t trust your favorite blogger ( – :

I am delighted to announce that we have a special guest, his name is STEF:



Tiramisu’ Light

Maybe you are too young to remember Mimi Ayuhara…

She was the main character of a 70s Japanese manga, Attack No. 1. Mimi, after a run-in with other students in her school, returns to play volleyball and quickly becomes the leader of the team. Her closest friend is Midori, together they win all sorts of championships included… maybe… the Olympics!

Mimi and Midori remind me of two very sportish young ladies that I adore and who accepted to be our SPECIAL GUESTS of September and October:




Beer Tiramisu’

birramisu 2

It was a muggy summer night in Sabaudia… Vale, our August Special Guest, was having a mug of Beer Tiramisu’ and I thought she would be the perfect Special Guest: sexy and so sweet.

But I didn’t know how describe her so we played a game: each of us wrote a part of a story regarding Vale, then we covered our part and we passed the piece of paper to the person next to us. This is the result:


Valentina – works – with Michael Jackson – at the fun fair – she is very elegant – people think she is a very cheerful person (more…)

Shy Crostata

photo 1We are very lucky today that Mr Onion (his surname translated from Italian into English) has finally accepted to publish this post about him.

He was shy, he didn’t want to be our July Special Guest but then he read the first draft of the post and he said… I LIKE!

Who is Mr Onion?

He is a sweet guy coming from a traditional Italian family, grown up making wine and oil with his parents, and now happy to be a famous pizzaiolo who only uses the best ingredients and the best techniques available on the market. He is also very good at baking, the recipe below is all his ( – : (more…)

Alessandro’s Amaretti

Cavo 1Alessandro Cavo is the happy owner of the Marescotti Bakery in Genoa, the bakery I mentioned in my letter to Santa in December last year.

Alessandro is also the main character of the documentary that inspired me to go to Genoa for my birthday this year.

But above all, Alessandro is my JUNE SPECIAL GUEST!


Monsieur Charlotte

portrait Nicolas GadomskiMonsieur Charlotte, it is a great honour for me to welcome you today in the Special Guest section!

You will be THE MAY SPECIAL GUEST, this is my special thank you for what you offered me a couple of weeks ago…

… It was a Wednesday afternoon, sun was shining, many people were gathered at the Place du Chatelain in Brussels for the usual food market.


BB’s Pies

It’s the Special Guest time agaiiiiiiiiiiin, how exciting! Today it is even more exciting because this month we have a very very very special guest, let’s clap our hands for MY BOSS, Mister BB!


Today it’s Mister BB’s birthday, he is turning 20 again, and as a 20-year old chap he is so passionate, so positive, so sparkly. (more…)