BB’s Pies

It’s the Special Guest time agaiiiiiiiiiiin, how exciting! Today it is even more exciting because this month we have a very very very special guest, let’s clap our hands for MY BOSS, Mister BB!


Today it’s Mister BB’s birthday, he is turning 20 again, and as a 20-year old chap he is so passionate, so positive, so sparkly. (more…)

Happy Paddy’s Day 2014

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Floating Island

Origin: A floating island is a French dessert consisting of a meringue floating on crème anglaise (a vanilla custard).

Ingredients:ile flottante

4 Eggs

500 ml Milk

1 Vanilla pod, seeds scraped out

100 gr Icing sugar



Recipe: Beat the egg whites until stiff with 40 gr sugar. Meanwhile pour in a pan milk and vanilla seeds, bring it almost to boil, gently drop spoonfuls of snow white eggs into it. Let them simmer for a few minutes until they are slightly puffed up and just set. Remove with a slotted spoon and place onto a sheet of baking paper until needed. (more…)

Velvet Cake

Ingredients: velvet cake

2 Cups flour

1 Teaspoon baking soda

1 Teaspoon baking powder

1 Teaspoon salt

2 Tablespoons cocoa powder

2 Cups sugar

1 Cup oil

2 Eggs

1 Cup buttermilk

2 Teaspoons vanilla extract

Red food coloring

1 Teaspoon vinegar

1/2 Cup hot coffee

For the frosting: Mix 1/2 cup butter, 225 gr Philadelphia, 2-3 cups powder sugar (more…)

Owl Cake

Gufo / OwlHi Guys!!

Do you remember our July Special Guest, Gaelle? She came to visit me in Brussels some days ago with her super husband, JB.

Especially for them I baked an owl cake, symbol of our long and important friendship. Wanna know why the owl is so meaningful to us? Just watch the video below:

A looooooooooooooots of love to my BHFFE (Best Hibous Friends For Ever)!!!

Mr. Teddy Bear Cake

Yogi_Bear_Yogi_BearEva – Hi Val! Welcome to the magic world of the “Let’s Bake Their Ass” section. Ladies come here to cake their ex-lovers and then they feel relieved and happy again. Don’t you feel a bit happier already?

Val – Hi Eva and hi dear Homme Sweeet Homme readers! I’m ready for this magic experience and indeed I feel already a bit happier than before ah ah ah

Eva – Let’s get started then. I know you are going to take your revenge on Mr Teddy Bear today. Why this nickname? (more…)


Some days ago I finally went to visit the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition in Brussels. It is a very complete overview around the Florentine master gathering many fascinating works and objects created or imagined by Leonardo.

A whole room is dedicated to Mona Lisa, you can find there the results of unprecedented studies of this masterpiece: amazing revelations! But the portrait that I found the most touching during the visit was definitely the “Lady with an Ermine”. As soon as I saw it, I found the inspiration for the September Special Guest: Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz!

Check this out:

Collage Tiz (more…)

Mojito Tarts

Ingredients: Mojito

1 Puff pastry

For the cream

4 Egg yolks

Some mint leaves

120 gr Brown sugar

1.5 dl White rum

2 Tablespoons flour

40 gr Butter

4 Lime (juice)

Recipe: Take the pastry and cut it into 12 disks and press a round onto bottom and up sides of each cup of a 12-cup non-stick muffin tin. Bake the disks in the oven (15 minutes on 180 degrees) then fill them with the cream that you have prepared with the rest of the ingredients. Serve cold or at room temperature and decorated with lime slices and mint leaves.

Trick or Threat: Make sure all the alcohol has evaporated before you decide the cream is ready.

Dedicated to: All my ex-boyfriends from Sabaudia  ( – ;

Let’s start from the beginning… A couple of weeks ago I left you with a post re: the usual bonfire organised on 15th August in my little Italian hometown, Sabaudia (see A Jar of Sweetness). Now I have breaking news for you, are you ready?

The bonfire

this year



And it was replaced by a ska concert. I have to admit that it was a veeeeery good ska concert but for me it was a bit like a horror movie, imagine:

It is the 15th August. After a nice mojito on the beach (this is why I chose the recipe presented today), I go to my favourite pub in town to party with all my friends. Mr Ice-Cream is singing “Monkey Man” and I dance and giggle around until… brrrrrr… I’m approached by Mr 5th May who wants to introduce me his nice family (third child coming soon?), then Mr Dove arrives with his girlfriend brought there for this special occasion (odd, usually he leaves her at home in a shrine), and oooops I bump into Mr Spinning Top Cake who is tripping around while dancing with his friends. There are also two or three ex-boyfriends that I have not caked on the blog yet (such as Mr Solero and Mr Cotton Candy) and I finally realize that I am in the middle of zombies: the ghosts of my summer pasts. Frighteniiiiiiiiiing!

Now I need a good mojito ( – ; Bitterness please go away!

Les Misérables

This month is def’ dedicated to Bianca, an extraordinary, colorful, and joyful person. Just looking at her makes you a happier person. She lives, she loves, she cooks and sometimes she rests.

“I’m a professional Life Couch and my motto is: Sofà, so good” or even “Bianca is a good fork (=a big eater), but she can also be a good knife and a good spoon”  are some of the famous statuses on Facebook that she uses to describe herself.

She also says about herself that she is a calamities magnet because she attracts all sort of peculiar and debatable characters who always turn out to be quite… miserable and wretched!

Sometimes she finds a prince charming who turns into a frog after the first kiss. Sometimes she meets a pitiful guy who turns into a toad after the first kiss… Let’s face the truth: it is only in fairy tales that frogs and toads change into nice guys! And this is how Bianca always ends up with a damaged soul.

She doesn’t want to become an asshole like her princes and even if she wanted to… She has learned that if you really want to be mean, you need to be born mean, otherwise the others win over you by experience.

Bianca, I want to offer you some MISÉRABLES (= which means “wretched” in English) that are, despite their name, very good and rich in sugar and fat. Hopefully they will help your damaged soul to heal a bit ( – :

photo (8)

Stay tuned, dear friends, an example of miserable guy met by Bianca will shortly be described and cursed in our section “Let’s cake their ass!”

Mug Cake

Ingredients:Tazza per GI

1 Egg yolk

Chocolate chips

1 Tablespoon sugar

2 Tablespoons melted butter

6 Tablespoons flour

Recipe: Beat together the sugar and the egg yolk in your favourite mug. Then add the rest of the ingredients. Cook in the microwave for one minute. (more…)