ABC Workshop

pie in the faceAn exceptional session of ”Let’s Cake Their Ass” took place on Friday 9th May in collaboration with Bookalokal in Brussels.

The event was organised to fix our friends’ broken hearts and it was named ABC Workshop:

A – Analysis and Art

B – Bubbles

C – Caking

I cannot disclose any detail because of privacy and confidentiality reasons but it went more or less like this:

If you want to join the next ABX Workshop, please register here

Ice Cold Muffins

pie in the faceSaverio is the first man who was brave enough to accept my invite in the ”Let’s Cake Their Ass” section. Thanks to Saverio we will scientifically prove that men can cake their ex-girlfriends exactly like women do!

So Saverio, please feel free to throw some muffins in your ex-girlfriend’s face ( – :


Manitoba Flour and Nutella Cake

pie in the faceThis page has been created for all my friends and followers who want to take their revenge on their EXs. The idea is that we’ll bake together a customized cake to throw in their EXs’ face. Isn’t it relieving? ( – :

Yessssssssss, we are back again with an article dedicated to YOU! Dedicated to you, my dear friends and readers, who wish to take revenge on one of your ex-lovers by throwing a cake in his face!

Today we will cake Cicciuzz’ ass ( – ; (more…)

Mr. Teddy Bear Cake

Yogi_Bear_Yogi_BearEva – Hi Val! Welcome to the magic world of the “Let’s Bake Their Ass” section. Ladies come here to cake their ex-lovers and then they feel relieved and happy again. Don’t you feel a bit happier already?

Val – Hi Eva and hi dear Homme Sweeet Homme readers! I’m ready for this magic experience and indeed I feel already a bit happier than before ah ah ah

Eva – Let’s get started then. I know you are going to take your revenge on Mr Teddy Bear today. Why this nickname? (more…)

Mr Rock


Another revenge taken on our Let’s Cake Their Ass page, the “caker” this month is Lady Mary!!!

It was the last night of a medieval festival organised around the Fossanova abbey. It was August. It was a very hot night especially for Mary who was quite intrigued by all the medieval figurants gathered there for the occasion. One in particular got her attention: tall (super important for an Amazon like her), cute as she described him (super sexy as I would describe him!), majestic like a big rock (for this reason we chose to throw in his face this cake named “rock” in Italian), and very attracted by Mary too. (more…)

Mr Sancho Panza

pie in the faceWe go on with our monthly Let’s Cake Their Ass series, the lucky winner this month is Noniiiiis, she can now take revenge on her ex-boyfriend!

I would like to start by saying that smiling Noniiiiiis kindly applauds all my sweet creations, but unfortunately she doesn’t taste them very often because she is intolerant to the cakes’ basic ingredients: yeast and flour ) – : (more…)

An Adult Playground

pie in the faceWe continue the Let’s Cake Their Ass series with a story written and played by our lucky friend Renata!

At least once in our life we have all dreamt in front of a cheesy movie where a lady meets the perfect man, they make eye-contact, they go straight to bed, they fall in love, they decide to live happily together in a huge house where they will raise their lovely kids. Of course he is rich, good looking, and famous. Of course she is tall, blonde, big boobs, super shaved legs, wearing a sexy baby-doll under her expensive red dress.    (more…)

Fish Cake


And here I am with my friend Cindy who volunteered to be the first amazing guest of YOUR new page.

HSH: Hi Cind’! How’s life? Shall we start baking?

C: Oh yes, with pleasure!

HSH: What have you chosen to bake?

C: I would like to bake the fish cake

HSH: Interesting choice, who will be the target?

C: C’mon, HSH, my ex-boyfriend of course!

HSH: Blond, tall, smart, gorgeous! Am I right?

C: Indeed! But all this was just a façade, like this little nice and cute cake that can be tricky (BTW, I cannot bake, you need to teach me) and can hide a real shark inside!

HSH: Was your ex-boyfriend a real shark?

C: Oh oh, HSH, if he was a little cute fish I might have kept him! Let me give you some examples:

-          He wanted to meet and mingle with all my friends BUT I was inexistent for all his friends

-          He wanted to be mad and move in together BUT he would freak out only thinking about the word “commitment”

-          He used to say “You are my Mrs Perfect” BUT then he kept on complaining about my haircut

HSH: And this is why he deserved a cake in his face (( – :

C: Exactly!

A couple of hours later, this is the result:

photo (8)

HSH: So do you feel better now, Cind’?? 


metro sartaI am about to launch a new section of HOMME SWEEET HOMME dedicated to the (ex) boyfriends of our dear readers. Ladies, I know you are already thinking about THE cake to throw at your men’s face! It’s easy to bake a tailored cake, just leave me a comment ( – ;