Hamburgers Cupcakes

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Wine Tasting Inspired


BREAKING NEWSSS: We celebrate today THREE YEARS of Homme Sweeet Homme!!!



NINTYTWO cakes baked for this super sweet blog

of which

TWENTYTHREE cakes baked for our amazing Special Guests


FIFTYSEVEN cakes used to forget the bitterness left by the useless men I met in my life.

And I haven’t caked them all yet…



Eclairs au chocolat

IMG_8077Tu aurais dû te contenter d’ un gâteau “special guest” – histoire d’avoir un gâteau dédié mais pas tout à fait jeté vulgairement à la figure – mais tu as insisté pour avoir un gâteau à ton nom, tu as insisté pour me donner un rendez-vous bidon (alors que tu voulais juste te remettre avec ton ex), et tant pis, tu l’as voulu, et tu l’auras… Quand on me cherche, oh mon cher Guillaume, on me trouve!!
Pour toi aujourd’hui j’ai confectionné des éclairs au chocolat. Tu t’es déjà regardé avec tes chemises mcgregor, ton air hautain, ton cul serré? Un peu comme toi ces éclairs sont élancés, à la taille fine et au portement et au glaçage royal.

The Ultimate Cheesecake

250 gr Graham cracker crumbs
80 gr Melted butter
500 gr Cream cheese, room temperature
3 Large eggs
125 gr Icing sugar
Vanilla extract


Xmas Present Idea

Are you looking for a fun Xmas present idea?

You are at the right place, I have an idea foryou: COOOOOOOOOOKIES IN A JAR!





Introduction: Homme Sweeet Homme likes eating all sorts of savory and sweet food except LOKUMs, do you wanna know why? Just scroll down after the recipe and you’ll find out ( – ;

Ingredients:Lokum 1

25 gr Icing sugar

100 gr Corn flour

700 gr Caster sugar

Juice of 1 lemon

3 tbsp Powdered gelatine

Red or pink coloring – optional

2 tbsp Rose water


Love Stats



Velvet Cupcakes

The other day I was thinking that I make recurrent mistakes… One of my biggest was without any doubts MR VELVET CAKE

But I don’t like to stay on a bitter note, I like to sweeten my life as much as possible, this is why I baked some velvet cupcakes to share with close friends ( – :

IMG_5203 (more…)

Lemon Sponge Cake

Genesis of the AUGUST SPECIAL GUEST‘s cake: torta steve 1 (more…)